Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Memorable Landscape: Serigraphy Print

This is another one of my serigraphy prints. 

It was inspired by the Owl Creek Mountains in Wyoming, United States. 

The land around this area has a stark beauty, made up of intricate textures and interesting color patterns. You can see for miles, all the way to the Wind River Range. I have been there countless times, but each time I gaze across the landscape, I experience such a soaring feeling of freedom, joy, and wonder. 

This piece was created from a day that my dad and I spent, at the base of the Owl Creeks and in the Wind River Canyon, making sketches and enjoying quality father-daughter time. This print is very special to me because the memories of that day are so dear to my heart. 

Visit Geology by Lightpane to see

great photos of the area. Many of these photos show the textures and formations I was trying to capture in my print.

Have a wonderful day! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun Ways to Store and Display Shoes and Handbags

An ode to Alexander McQueen

Good day, my friends! 

Like many women, I have a shoe and handbag problem. Namely, I own many, yet still fight a compulsion to buy more! So, I've made a Mid Year Resolution to refrain from purchasing another bag or shoe for an entire year. To help curb the urge to splurge, I've been experimenting with new, more visually interesting, storage solutions.

A bookshelf near my closet is perfect for organizing and displaying unworn or seldom worn pieces. 

    • Keeping beautiful pieces within eye shot satisfies my sweet tooth for eye candy. It also functions as a constant reminder that it would be silly to buy another piece when there are lovely new items still waiting to be worn and enjoyed!

If you don't have space for a shelving unit, consider small, wall mounted shelves.

    • Hang a few shelves for subtle effect or a make a big statement with an entire wall of shelves.    
    • Display bags and shoes like you would an art object. Many accessories are like wearable pieces of art! It can be a constantly changing art installation!  
    • Mix them with books and other interesting objects to create a designer themed, mini exhibit.  

No wall space? Get creative! 
    • Strategically place small items like box clutches or jeweled  minaudieres in a glass cabinet with your fine china and heirlooms. 
      The wine color of this clutch is mirrored in the iridescent hues of the opalescent decanter set.

    • Display them on a coffee table with some books, a tray, and a candle.
    • Choose one piece to incorporate with the existing decor on your fireplace mantel. 

Jeweled pumps, like this Jimmy Choo pair, would look gorgeous displayed with crystal or antique cut glass pieces.

The Coveteur is a great page to visit for inspiration on creatively displaying your treasures.

Don't keep all those beautiful pieces hidden away in your closet where you'll forget about them. Have fun creating your own unique displays!  

I hope you have a lovely day!

Monday, July 14, 2014

No Fancy Camera? No Problem!

Image created using Waterlogue

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you are a new blogger, like me, you may not have invested in a high quality camera yet. Not to worry! You can create attractive images with photos taken on your mobile device by editing them with these easy-to-use applications: 

Litely is a subtle photo filtering app. It's great for photos that are pretty good, but just need slight adjustments. 

Before and After

Waterlogue is so much fun! It turns any photo into a watercolor painting. I used the "Bold" option to create the After image.

Before and After

Aviary offers "Enhance" options for different subjects (Scenery, Food, Portrait). For this one, I used "Food" and the Focus option (radial).

Before and After

Pixlr Express
Pixlr Express allows you to edit photos and/or place them in collages. I used it to create the collages in this post.

Before and After

Click on the titles to learn more about each app. Have fun experimenting with your own photo editing! 

Hope you have wonderful day!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rodeo Week: What to Wear & What to See

Howdy everyone! It's rodeo season in the American West and Rodeo Week has arrived in my Wyoming town. 

This look is going to be my uniform for the week--slim jeans, a graphic t-shirt, a light hoodie or cardigan, short cowboy boots, simple jewelry, and a bag that's easy to carry. 

If you ever visit the American West during the summer months, you should definitely plan to see a rodeo. It's a living, breathing, piece of Americana. The days are long and filled with a wide variety of activities, so dressing for comfort is key! 

If you'd like to add western flare to your look, keep it subtle with just one western item. Unless you are an actual cowboy or ranch hand, you'll look touristy in head-to-toe western attire. The piece you can't go wrong with is a pair of great quality cowboy boots. 

One of my favorite brands is Lucchese. It's an American brand that has been handmade in the state of Texas since 1883. The quality is excellent and the fit is wonderfully comfortable!

Lucchese on sale at Zappos
A Note on Hats
After seeing all the cowboys in their amazing hats, you might be tempted to purchase one. I strongly advise against this. You must choose very, very carefully or the locals will immediately peg you for a tourist. If you hear the words "You look like the leader of a dude string", this is not a compliment and you probably chose the wrong hat! (I know this from experience, haha!) 

  • A good cowboy hat looks like it has been through rain, sleet, and snow, been blown across the prairie like an eight hundred dollar tumbleweed, and finally, trampled on by a horse. If you just can't resist buying a hat, consider a second hand one that has already been broken in.

Avoid at all Costs: Large belt buckles, concho belts, anything with rhinestone embellishments, Montana Silversmith jewelry

Some rodeo events you might enjoy:

Most towns also offer countless other activities including a PowWow, carnival, parade, and street dance.

For more information about rodeos in Wyoming, visit

Yeehaw! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pensive Princess...a Serigraphy Print

Happy Thursday, everyone! 
This is a serigraph I printed in a very limited run (#4/4). It was inspired by poetry and fairy tales. 

Hope you have a magical day!

If you would like to learn more about serigraphy, visit WPG. To see the process step by step, visit here.